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The iOS has one of the strictest rules concerning third-party apps among all the OS. This has led to many people being tempted to Jailbreak their devices. Jailbreak as an alternative to customize iPhone is not legal and in most cases makes the phone to be slow and unpredictable. Furthermore, with the latest updates from iOS 10 and 11 jailbreaks is now impossible. The good news is that one can use Videoder without jailbreak or even using a computer as a medium. The iPhone has a small opening for third-party apps and this is where it is possible to have this amazing app.

Videoder iphone

Advantages of Videoder on iPhone

There are many advantages of having this app on your iOS device. Some of these advantages include the following. One, you can have limitless downloads of videos from YouTube and other sites without being restricted by the app. The only limiting factor, in this case, is maybe space and data plan if you are not using free Wi-Fi. Second, after downloading the videos, one can use another app such as Documents to arrange the downloaded videos to the photos section of the app for easy viewing and sharing. The third advantage of the app is the freedom of the iOS user to determine the resolution they want of the video they have interest. The freedom to select the resolution of the media is unmatched especially to users cautious with space of the device as well as the viewing experience.


Supportive Apps Needed to Download the App

Since this is a third party app that is not available in the official app store, one needs three extra apps for Videoder to function fully under the OS terms and conditions. These apps include the following.

  1. Documents

As an available app for the iOS, one needs the app for easy arrangement of the downloaded content from the Videoder to the official gallery. If this app is, absent or not installed, accessing and viewing the downloaded content can be an uphill task.

  1. TutuApp

Since the Videoder is not in the official app store, one must download this alternative store in order to have access to the apk file of the app. The app can be downloaded from the official website of the TutuApp for better version as well as the updated version of the app.

  1. Any VPN app

The main function of a VPN app, for example, the TunnelBear is to help the service provider not block any downloads or access of the TutuApp and therefore have a smooth downloading experience.

Download Videoder For iPhone

For one to have the Videoder in the iPhone, TutuApp is necessary. One can download the free version of the TutuApp and allow the app in the device by manually allowing it to run on the device in the settings option of the phone. After this step, you can search the Videoder from the TutuApp and download. It is important to note that not all this procedure can be possible without a VPN app. Although free VPNs for phones makes devices relatively slow, at least they help in avoiding unnecessary errors that pop up when downloading the apps from the main store.

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How to Install Videoder for iPhone
When the app has been downloaded from the TutuApp, the next procedure is to hit install option on the apk file. Like the previous installation procedure of the TutuApp, the user must give the downloaded app the permission by accepting the app certification in the setting section. This is in line with Apple procedures of the apps from unknown sources. Once this is done, the app is now ready for use. The free VPN app previously downloaded can now be uninstalled for the faster functioning of the phone.
How to use Videoder on iPhone
Once the app is running, the usage is simple. The app has one of the most elaborate features and interface. It also gives the user the ability to have the video preview straight from the website or from the YouTube. Once the downloads are complete, one can manually transport the videos from the app to the camera roll or use the Documents app. The Documents app on the iPhone is most appropriate compared to manually transporting the files.


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