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Youtube is an online video sharing website. There are millions of videos on Youtube and thousands of videos are getting uploaded every day. That’s why the demand for Youtube downloader high. Because of Youtube’s immense popularity, many Youtube downloader was created; however, only a few amongst them can be called real and unique. Videoder downloader is one of the best if not the best Youtube downloader with a large following. There’s a lot of features in Videoder downloader that has been created solely for Youtube. If you like to listen to your music and videos offline, then Videoder is the perfect app for you.

Videoder is available on

Download Youtube videos using videoder search.

Step : 1

Videoder Search

Videoder downloader has a search function that makes your Youtube experience much easy. Search for the video you want to download in Videoder downloader. You can also filter your search by content type like video, playlist, channel or you can filter your search by time.

Step : 2

Choose your file

Search for a video, and many results will appear. However, it’s difficult afterword because many videos are uploaded many times by different users with different qualities. Select the video you want and tap the download icon to start the download.

Step : 3

Choose your video quality

After choosing your video, you have two options. You can watch the video as it is or you can download the video with the available resolutions. Again with Videoder you don’t have to worry about resolutions as Videoder downloader offers from 144p to HD 1080 even Ultra HD 2160-4K.

Step : 4

Save location and number of threads

Once you’ve selected your preferred resolution, one of the best and unique features of Videoder downloader comes to play. You can set the number of network threads you want for your download. Select the destination folder for the downloaded file and set the number of network threads for fast download.

Step : 5

Download begins

The download will begin after you tap the download button. Tap on the download icon on top of the screen to view the status of the download, or you can check the notification panel. After the download finishes open the video and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Download Youtube videos directly from Youtube app using Videoder.

Open Youtube app and search

Search for the video or mp3 that you want to download in your Youtube app.

Step : 1

Choose Videoder and select share

Open the Youtube app from your device and then go to the video you want to download. A share button will appear after you open the video below the preview screen. Select Videoder downloader app from the share menu and the video link will appear on the Videoder app.

Step : 2

Choose video quality

After you select Videoder downloader from the share menu and tap download a detail screen will pop up on the bottom of the screen showing available resolutions for the video. Choose your preferred resolution for the video and may start the download.

Step : 3

Location and number of network threads

Accelerate your download speed by setting the number of network threads. You can change your file’s saved location once you select the video resolution. Set the number of network threads if you have a poor connection.

Step : 4

Enjoy your video

Once you tap the download button Videoder downloader will begin downloading the video. You can check the progress of the video on top of the screen or in the notification panel. After the download finishes, open the video and enjoy.

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