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Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social service owned by Facebook. This platform was released in 2010 and while it’s new compared to other social media Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Initially, Instagram was mostly used to share one’s photos; now it’s a popular platform to share videos as well. If you are an Instagram user, you’ll need an app to help you download the photos and videos from Instagram. And Videoder downloader has a reliable and trusted reputation amongst its users.

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Download instagram photos and videos step by step

Tap on the options icon

Open your instagram app and tap on the options icon of any video that you want to download.

Step : 1

Share URL

Go to Instagram and tap on the option of a photo or video you want to download. When the option menu appears you will find a “Share URL” option. Tape that “Share URL” option.

Step : 2

Tap the download icon

After selecting “Share URL” option, a download dialogue box will appear below the screen. Tap on the download button to download the photo or video you’ve chosen.

Step : 3

Choose video quality

If you are downloading a video, after selecting the “Share URL” option, there’ll be details regarding download on the bottom of the screen inside of the download dialogue. You can choose any resolution you want and start the download.

Step :4

Downlaod location and number of threads

Select the resolution and format afterward you can change the directory location of your download in the dialogue box. Also, the best part is you can select the number of network threads to make your download faster if you have a poor connection.

Step : 5

Finish the download

Tap the download button to start the download. After the download finishes, check the notification panel or the download icon on top of Videoder downloader screen if the file’s been downloaded properly.

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