How to download facebook videos?

It’s a common knowledge in digital society that, Facebook is the number one social media in the world. In 2018 Facebook had over 2.32 billion monthly active users. Started as just a page Facebook is now a giant in social network services. Thousands of videos are uploaded on Facebook daily, and many users sometimes have trouble downloading them. Amongst all the music and video downloader Videoder has established itself as a trusted and reputed downloader. Download your favorite music and videos from Facebook with Videoder downloader.

Videoder is available on

Download facebook videos using their website.

Step : 1

Login to Facebook

This is the first step to download a video from Facebook. Go to the Facebook official website and log in to your account. It is recommended to have a Facebook app on your device to use the service more fast and efficiently.

Step : 2

Select the video and tap download

Browse for the video you want to download, and you’ll see a blue download icon embedded to the video. In fact, you’ll find all the videos are embedded with a blue download button. Click on the blue download button.

Step : 3

Choose video resolution

After selecting the download button a details pop-up will appear with a lot of information. You can choose the format and different resolution you want to download the videos.

Step : 4

Location and number of network threads

One of the best features of Videoder downloader is you can set the numbers of network threads to accelerate the download. Set the download location of the video and select the number of threads.

Step : 5

Start the download

The download will shortly begin after you tap the download button. Once the download finishes check the notification panel or the download icon on top of the screen to check if your video was correctly downloaded.

Download videos directly from Facebook app

Tap on the options icon

Open your facebook app and tap on the options icon of any video that you want to download.

Step : 1

Copy video link

You can download the Facebook app from its official website. After downloading and installing open the app. Select any video and tap the options menu. Tap the “Copy Link” from the options menu.

Step : 2

Tap the download button

A red download icon will appear on when you select the video, tap the red download icon to start the download. You can check the download details on top of the screen anytime you want.

Step : 3

Video qualities

A dialogue with details of video qualities will appear in the download box. You can choose the resolution and format for the video. You can also download both the audio file and video file with different qualities with Videoder downloader on Facebook.

Step : 4

Set the download location and number of threads

You can set the location of the downloaded file in the download dialogue menu. Also, if you have a poor connection, then you can accelerate the download by setting the number of network threads with Videoder downloader.

Step : 5

Enjoy your video

The download will begin shortly after you tap the download button. After the download has finished, you can check the details on notification panel or with the download icon on top of the screen.

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