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With numerous social media accounts and other websites such as websites, we normally get at least one video a day that we like and we want to share with friends or just keep them. However, these apps and sites do not allow direct downloads and it is, therefore, necessary to look for a means to download the video or the audio clip using a third party app.

Videoder apk download

What is Videoder?

Videoder is the solution for the above problem in many ways. It is an android app dedicated for video downloads from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube plus from any website.  Although this app is not available for download in the google app store, it is one of the most convenient apps to download videos online and it is safe too. The app simple and convenient user interface has made it one of the most popular third-party apps in the Android world for unlimited downloads of videos. The other factor that makes this app one of the most convenient apps in the android market is the fact that one can choose the download resolution and this by many standards is exceptional.

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Features of Videoder

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the app has more distractive features that include the following.

  • Download videos from the internet without downloads restrictions:– In most apps that are dedicated to downloads from the internet, they restrict the user to the number of downloads they can have in a single set of time. This is most cases is inconvenient to a regular Android user who is in constant need to expand the library of videos.
  • The app gives the android user the freedom to determine the video resolution:– When downloading the video from internet especially from YouTube, the app gives the android user the freedom to choose how big or small the video is supposed to be and this is important because the downloading falls under the user plans be it in terms of space or cellular data plan.
  • The app also allows the user to have multiple downloads:- This is a cool feature owing to the fact that downloading free videos is never enough and finding an app that allows you to download multiple videos from different platforms without restrictions is amazing. Apart from the ability to download multiple videos, the app has one of the best user interfaces with easy navigation options that are not only helpful but also beautiful. Concisely, the app is everybody’s ideal app for all the downloading all the cool videos online without having to pay premium costs.
  • The app is free:– There are many misconceptions about free apps. Although some concerns are partially true in most cases, they do not apply in this case of this app. The fact that this app is free does not mean that it is full of ads while downloading. Actually, this is the freest ads app in the downloading apps available for Android users. This, therefore, does not affect the Android user’s data plan or makes the downloading tiresome.

Download Free Videoder APK

App NameVideoder
App Version12.4.3
DeveloperRahul Verma
App Size7 MB
Requires Android 4.0+

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How To Get Videoder APK

There are many websites with this app links for downloading the apk file. This is amazing and it shows the level of popularity the app has especially among the android users. However, it is important to download the videoder app and the app updates always from the main website or from the trusted website because of the following reasons. First, downloading from the official website and the trusted websites ensures that the downloaded apk file is up to date. Second, the unknown sources can have broken apk files that in the course of installing might frustrate the android user. The app also might be outdated.

Install process

Installing the apk file is so simple if the process of installing a third-party part app is properly followed.

First, the security settings of the phone must be adjusted to allow apps from unknown sources also to run on the Android device. If all is followed too, one must tap the apk downloaded and install it in less than 30 seconds.

The benefit of Videoder

There are several benefits of using this app for downloading videos from the internet. These benefits are numerous and the following are some of the few but main advantages.

The app has an extended pool where the android user can download videos from and it does not restrict the sources. In comparison to other apps that also allow Android users to download videos online, this is exceptional. It is possible for the Android user to download videos not just from YouTube but also from social media and notable websites.

Note:- If you are the iOS user then you can download videoder for iPhone

The app also gives the user the ultimate freedom to determine the video quality in terms of resolution. Owing to the fact that different resolutions have different file sizes, making a choice is crucial. This enables the Android user to choose which resolution fits their cellar data plan as well as their gadget space.

The app also gives the user the ability to convert the downloaded video to an audio file and in the process renaming the file. This is an amazing aspect especially to music collectors collecting music from YouTube. The ability to rename the songs helps the user to arrange music in according to their own order.

In conclusion, this is an app worth try. All these good features without an android user paying anything remain a good deal. The app gives the user endless options to maximize on from many downloading options to collecting music albums from YouTube in form of high-quality audio files.